First Time Home Buyers

Purchasing a home is a very big commitment and your mortgage could be the single most important financial decision that you will ever make.

Our knowledge of the mortgage market will enable a speedy, stress-free home buying experience for you. We work with the major Canadian lending institutions on a daily basis and know their mortgage products and terms.

Providing the lowest mortgage rate in Canada and explaining the entire home purchasing process are two of many value added services we provide.


We assist the first-time homebuyer through every step of the mortgage process:

  • The Pre-Approval:  Find out the mortgage amount and interest rate you qualify for.  Most pre-approvals come with a 120 day rate hold.
  • Purchasing the Home:  Make sure to include a condition day; give yourself at least one week to finalize all financing. Using this time to have a home inspection is a great idea!
  • Paperwork:  We will explain, in detail, all of the paperwork that the bank/lender requires.
  • Closing / Lawyer:  All paperwork will be sent to the solicitor of your choice.

Each mortgage application is unique; making it a smooth and seamless process is what we do best. Fill out our easy to follow online mortgage application or call us at 416-402-7264 and let us help you make owning a home the experience of a life time!

When you buy a home, you will first need money for a down payment. The amount of the down payment can vary, but generally you should make a down payment that equals at least 10% of the purchase price. A borrower may go as low as 5% down, if you have an excellent credit history.

We are here to help you secure the best possible second mortgage loan. As a mortgage broker, it is my job to get you the loan on the best terms and for lowest payments possible. Contact me today or call at 416-402-7264 for a free consultation!

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